The title is at the end.

You wanna call the Police on me because I smoke Marijuana?
Not because I am a molester of children
A sexually perverse deviant harasser of women
A killer of men
– By the way I am none of these things
You’re really standing there telling me that
You’re gonna call the Police on me for being myself.
Because I protect myself from all your viruses
Because I lack respect for the Government
Because I say your fucked up laws
– that do nothing for me
Don’t mean shit, even as I do not break them
You’re gonna call the cops?

Well go on ‘head and call them Brother Man
‘Cause amma keep blazing up.
Your threats can’t stop my rhythm – they won’t
Your system won’t make me victim – can’t do it
For even as the cage is locked and I find myself within
You will forever hear me sing.