My 16 bars submission

Rascal like flats

Roscoe like bats

Fiasco like rats in a kitty palace

And the kitty pal is


Big Ben ’bout to kill h’rd.


That home is literally where the heart is

That down is literally where the fart is

That there isn’t one,

There’s two.

So I had

Six seven

Eight Nine Ten



Dispelling rhymes like a pro

And accronyming

If you cannot see it-

Then imagine


Like the air when she was pregnant


Never could imagine what you know

Like befo’e

You don’t see me spittin’ like a pro he said


Hold your horses and just listen.


I am the model and the photographer

The writer and the actor

If I produce I am the director

When I go I am the motor

But enough of that, you get what I’m saying:

I am the Queen and the Emperor

The Conqueror

No fighting but the winner.


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Monday Afternoon

Mi bun weed like is oxygen
Drink wata like a Supplegen
Naa beg, naa borrow, naa falla no fren
Inhale for sustenance
Exhale di stress
Feel up mi sof skin
Play wid mi breasts
Walk like mi run tings
Treat everybody like star
Talk like mi know everyting
Since di Sun was wee star
Pree like mi can tan yassuh an si far far
Cause mi can tan yassuh an si far far.


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NB. Piece not from book.

For Very Life

“Dance with me,” she said. “Take my hand and dance with me as the smoke with the wind. Take my hand and dance with me like the flames of a smoldering fire joins in arresting elegance with the air, stealing the air from it as if for very life. For very life! A dance which is so wild with passion as it is with urgency, so that they never can stop pulling and pushing at each and the other, yet are bound together by their need of one another. And for one another. Dance with me and I shall kill you where you stand in the swiftest instance of your entire existence. You will see it coming barely in time to die, just wishing you never had developed a taste for dancing as you awaken in your new life, still barely realizing your death. You will not dance with me. There will be no dancing here. Think of it like the opera: sit down, keep quiet and try to keep up, and then quietly sneak out during the intermission,” she said.

“I guess that’s what I get for asking a foolish question.” That did not amuse her. Right, keep quiet she said.


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Because One Day…

One day it’s gonna be gone you know, whatever it is? One day it’s gonna be gone but you’ll still be here. Or there, metaphorically. One day you’ll be all that’s left, and what will you be then? What will you have then? And for that matter, will you even be able to do anything? And that’s a better question.

Trapped in a moment of the moment’s moment

A moment of moments when Mo meant

Moment. Sinking stinking shrinking sink

A momentary moment of slinking stink

Slinking stinking rinky dink

A rinky dinky pinky flink.

Daring sharing seagulls lost

The innocent in suffering

Bears the cost.

*Photo credit to #ToyPhotographer

Word: Inscrutable -adj-

Like you don’t understand

– You

The birth of man

– Wait

On the land,

– What?

In the air or from the shore first?

– Pardon me but what you talkin’ ’bout?

Like I’m lying but

You have no way of telling

Uncertain, but instead of sweatin’,

You’re deciding just to let it go

: Inscrutable.


What WOnders..

To waken to the call of the sky and the wind

Birds chirping and frolicking

Leaves shiver and tittering

Machines whirring, trucks bellowing –

the sounds of life is carried on the air.

The sound of life is carried on the air

The air’s living

As the living air

As I am living, air.

And the ear hears what the air bares.

The mind gets its meaning and the heart catches its feeling

And the mysteries are made clear.

Clearer than the island sea

Clearer than the eye can see

Clearer than the human being will dare perceive.

But there.

There, here, and everywhere

Where some can see,

Where none may go

Just follow the air and you may know.



Wonders await when you awaken in the morning

To the chill of the sky and the call of the wind.


*Photo Credit to #ToyPhotographer

Here’s what it means to be an adult:

You do whatever the fuck you want, whenever the fuck you want, wherever the fuck you want with whomever you want (*Please verify consent). You answer to no one but who you chose . You’ve enough wisdom to know what you should and should not do, and you’re man enough to take the responsibility for yourself and the things you shouldn’t but regardless do.

No Master

Crash and burn never

Watch me fly, high

As I wave good-bye to the haters

Of the free —

To the

Haters of forever

And the

Haters of whenever –

. . . never.

Never fail never falter,

Alter all of time ’till the clock don’t block

No tick

No tock


Guns and barrel; weapons: lost


Like you forgot to miss them

Like we


What is them?

Killed them

Not dead but missing

Like you almost dis’ed them

But then you missed them


‘Never exist’ them.

From upcoming book, Rantings of a Weedhead: The Song Before the Sound.


*Photo credit to #ToyPhotographer