Rascal like flats

Roscoe like bats

Fiasco like rats in a kitty palace

And the kitty pal is


Big Ben ’bout to kill h’rd.


That home is literally where the heart is

That down is literally where the fart is

That there isn’t one,

There’s two.

So I had

Six seven

Eight Nine Ten



Dispelling rhymes like a pro

And accronyming

If you cannot see it-

Then imagine


Like the air when she was pregnant


Never could imagine what you know

Like befo’e

You don’t see me spittin’ like a pro he said


Hold your horses and just listen.


I am the model and the photographer

The writer and the actor

If I produce I am the director

When I go I am the motor

But enough of that, you get what I’m saying:

I am the Queen and the Emperor

The Conqueror

No fighting but the winner.


Like it enough to pay for what I wrote? Buy my book

*Photo credit to #ToyPhotographer See for yourself


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