At a moment it occurs to me that I am absolutely brilliant, and at another an absolute dunce. Sometimes for absolutely no reason at all.

I’ve been smoking so much weed that it almost seems as though I’m beginning not to like it. And how can such a thing be true? Marijuana, whose very name mentioned brings me inexplicable delight – and still! – is now to me becoming sickening. What do I even do with that, or make of it?

Hiding under the covers

Under, the covers cover the

Coward cowering beneath the

Frock of his mistress, escaping his fate.

Escape the fate or stay prisoner

Trapped in the closet of lies and hate

That you discover

Sentenced for life to die in the flesh

Reason unknown or none

Or run.

So you’re…

Hiding amidst the clouds of smoke

Under the covers covering your tracks

– No, not hidden-

Erasing the traces of your existence

Hiding under the clouds in plain sight of the Sun

Blinding light illuminating the heavens

Casting flames to the down below

-No that’s wrong.

Hiding in the cloud’s cover from no one

Caring nothing, conscience keep.

The fate of suffering borne by the true

The culprit escapes

While you your quiet keep.

So I am

Hiding under the cover’s covers

Drenched in the sound’s cloud (cloud’s sound)

Several steps at a time taking

To emerge at the end

Brand new.

Photo credit: Toy Photographer




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