It was a long way from nowhere to nothing

Just like it is a long way to nothing from loving

They say it is impossible
But now it’s what you’ve got to do
And it’s a long way back from dead.

So how now when then
Below from some sin
Erode now come thin
The blood now runs in. ?

Yesterday tomorrow comes
Gone tomorrows wonder on
Fighting light the dark ‘n one
Finding light the dark begun.
Never-ending winters lost
Summer springs to fall the cost
Break the wind with window’s doors
Piss in bottle call it Coors
From which flows the lamentation
Of the burning cities congregations
From the burning cities and the nations:
Misunderstood is the Hope words
Then the lies from the pope doors
All this bickering about words
Then the clamoring through Hell’s doors.
But you said you’re looking for the heaven,
And you never hear the bells ringing
But for the ones who stop to listen
And venture farther than “Beginning”.
Hands outstretched and waiting
Backs straight bent in toiling
No idea what to do
Berate the ones not following you
-to go where ?
-to no where ?

Yet still you say the king’s you
But King who?
And who King’d you?
Never met the god you claim to worship
Never met the boss in your own township
Look over your shoulder for the chip
Chip-chippin you
Chip trippin too
Straight flippin boo.
Drop dem tracks and flip the beat
Standin in the kitchen; there’s no heat
The fire burns but I’m immune
Skipping to a different tune
Slip that walkman, toss the zune
I’m skipping to a different tune.

Sherel-Lee Prozorov
  Freelance entrepreneur
Sole proprietor at Noetic Wonderland


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