Free the all and the lost forgotten

Scratched on repeat now spoiled rotten

Forgotten ?

Lost and nevermore to wake

Torn to know no whole

Ranked to spite the role

– flake

Flocks of underroll beneath the crepe’s stay flexing no dessert-fast make.
But be gone now or stay forever

From the engled strife past beyond where winter fried last fallspringsummer cast

Bummer how the comers passed

Going off past Future’s pass

Standing on you watch them go

Daring not to let them know you cannot think which way to go

Or follow.


But it is Monday,

And I am at the helm.


An anger one cannot define

That threatens to blow your mind

To smithereens

In ways unseen

Unheard of unfold

Through days now cold

The cries on bold

– screaming’s loud

“Black and Proud”

Supremists now

Supreme is cowed

Down and lost forever

Like the Nodland bound


Blast it!

Knocking time and keeping rhythm

The beat flows free from timing

With the timing

To the timing

Yet all alone

From the Fullbring



Crinkle crinkle little-


Wonder how you-

Climb that tree

Blah blah blah et cetera water

– None for you and all for fre-e

24 hours

On & on,

That’s how long the par-Tees on.

Bubble bubble

Backdrop puddle

like the discordant ringing of nonmusical metallic objects striking together


BAM 👊 no what’s for later

Transparent particles folded in time

Fixated like the stitch that saves nine

Forever wonder now forever’s lost

Duly noting all ones’ cost