Screaming in the dead of night

A dark so loud it drowns the light

A bright so loud it kills the night

With cold delight

And warm re-spite

A bark more profound than its bite

Going to the – left

When you know it isn’t right

– Fight.
When you know it ain’t around;

The frown that drags to ground from crowned

The clown that brags to hear the sound 

that his voice makes 

to fix his face

The shame and disgrace that drags around the raped

The hate from self you just can’t take

The hate, from self, you just can’t take

– Flight to escape –

So you fight to escape the hate come late
But your blood screams of the warrior

And the blood stains paint the water

Yet the blood stain stays forever

For the blood rains pain the mother

And its lover

Drowning from the crown soul top til cover
Dying in the warcade

Flighting from the heartmake

Blighting though your hearts ache

Frying like the fault make

Cried to free the heart ache

But ball break

And free the prison in the middle from the fiddle

Playtime is over

Jokes ’round the corner

Far gone’s dishonor
I don’t know what to say to fix it

But just know that fighting’s not it

More something like heal the sick

And slow the quick

And flip the script

Intolerance, you know, it hurts, doesn’t it


You know

It burns like wet green whip lick

So why you do it?

When you don’t wanna die but you scream kill quick

When you don’t want to cry but you’re swift with the diss

Like you know you want your eye but you poke with the stick

Like you know you heard him cry but stay ready with the whip

But don’t do it

Or you could try it
Try to still the urge to fight

Try to chill the surge to “fight!”

And “kill it”

But buil’ it

Forgive it

Embrace to erase the thing you cannot live with

Behold with your eyes and bear witness

To justice.


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