The Princess and the Pea

The strangest oddity
The driving force’s the diving board

March on ‘head but what you dying for?

The hired core,

Desired ore.

Buy a girl with diamonds and then call her whore

She says no more

She’s on her knees to please but now the shame’s hardcore

She’s off that floor

Gotta get out that door

Bye-bye to the haters showed her pimp the score

She ain’t no whore

At least no more.

She heard that change is come and flipped the script real quick,

Didn’t know what she was worth but felt the whip just wasn’t it

Nor is dick.

Was walking to the ticking of the people’s pick

It told her she was nothing and she thought she could believe it

Sobbing on the floor but then she thought that she should sweep it

Swallowed all the shit until she wondered where the weep went

Didn’t know that she could BE Strength

Started on the low but at the mo’ she’s on the deep end

Flying high and keefin’

Swimming with the birds and

Peering over world’s end.
Look and see a woman;

Can’t remember where the girl went

And you let her go, when?

Walked away from man saying

Sorry I’ll hold my own hand

Yeah, I’ll be my whole band
Photo: Snapshot of Miriam-Webster’s “Word of the Day”


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