If it is warring 

We war with words

When it is sword fighting 

The pen will bleed ink reed feels freed from prisons

Trapped like birds in cages but won’t stop



GOD ‘s not dead

And is love

Fixed Satan with the blood he wa’n’t spillin’.

Sat on Mount Olympus

– Hades flew up to the sky –

Chillin’ with his brothers, never have to say goodbye but the fry

Filling up the void:

You know it’s love when angels cry

Sky is on the rise

Forever more we’s on the flies.

Lax to chill the Winter finger friggin’ up the fly

Fing her fig n hump the fryeye

We says goodbye.



One is like the weird wild

The other quite the fair child

Not so lost but wandering on

The third is like the fierce mild

Seven is but the fallen dawn

Broken sticks is six

Five is quite the broken bond

Four can never fix


This is not the playground

This is the mad wild 

Where big dogs fuck around

We lunge at sharks and- 
 - Call me the king wolf
We won't back down ‘cause

We hold the kingdom

We’s who the kings from

Deez nuts have the king’s son

Bring your lion king come

We'll have piece for supper

Brag about a lioness

The wolf bitch is tougher


Jumping through the fire rings

Can't tame the fire

Try to buy a warrior 

Must kill to get her skin

Wonder wonder wonder

Cannot figure what's within

Try to replicate the kin

The fear devours from within

Snap back and your head’s gone

We wandering for chill

Locked us

In the madhouse


Can’t find the right pill

Even after

My blood spills

It still screams


So they threw us to the wind

Hope to see us never ‘gain

But the sea just never end

And the free just never blend

Try deceive us

Never win

Because truth lies

In the darkness

& that's just where we hang

No knot from the limb

Tell them try that shit again

We'll see if niggers never win

Photo: Screenshot from Huawei Honor 8 of Akame ga Kill on Anime1 app.