1984 was a whack year. If that even is the year it was. It was one of those things you thought was a movie, and then it did not end so you hoped it was a dream; so you fantasize about waking. And then you got hit and realised you were not sleeping. It was real, and while you were failing to recognise reality, talking about how everything is not real and all is nonexistent, you ended in being someone else’s meal. Sad really, but today, that is not the story we are telling.

Now is the year after 2016. Everything is changing but the attitude toward change is remaining unchanged despite living in a world that needs changing. Everything is good but the people, and they are who are to be leading. The learning man gets the rope, the cats and dogs get chained and locked away, while at the helm and leading is scum, and some guy with scurvy. This tale though is not about the ruling trash, not about the ropes and the chains, nor the beating of the drums. This is one of those real life things that fairy tales are made from, and where fairies get their sparkle drained from.

Ha. The story is untold but the telling has already been done. Welcome to the new reign; 1984 is done.


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