Ridin’ on the Sun and eatin’

Plum just having fun and flappin’ gum

We’ raising up the yutes homey

We’ ballin up the game

We’ flaming up the fuckers who said fortune favours fame

And fortune favours frame

Like fortune favours game

But gravel ‘s what became

You’re thinking that’s just lame but now everywhere you see it

You scoff and watch it pass but all the neighbours wanna be it

Thinking you should try but life is short and so “We ‘s out” became the remix

Now the neighbour’s yelling cree it

Pree it:

They came at me for war son, demanding I should change

Like all the world’s at leisure while they eatin’ out yo brains

Cleaning out yo’ lanes

Raping all yo’ dames

Fucking all our horses man, and cuttin’ all the canes



This one is called: Fight Back

“Geez Louise! Why you gotta be so whack?”

She scoffed at that.

“Lay off me bro, I’m just not down with that.”