Wednesday’s emblem sways on the horizon’s

Chest of pests, cookies, or buttons

Bosom’s breasts’ best for the cuddles

Red crests and keeping whole a dirty dozen

I like my room bathed in a smokey haze

Fill up death watch Cerberus graze

Monkeys and eleven ducks

Fly & gave ill’eaven fucks

Filled the river fligin’ nutts

Frilled the river slingin’ rocks

Pulled the carton and the box

The free will die no more.

Where the ravens call

Afterall the fun’s still ripe for picking if the river’s drawn

The river’s prawn

Fawn for Winter when the Summer’s gone

Bummer’s lawn

Fall fashion and you’re wondering if Raven’s light can reach tomorrow by tonight

Forresto’ cover brain & brawn

Aid & on

Far in Dawn

Wanes to Springfield

The Catstipation

There is a rat

That is dead

And it stinks to high heaven

But the flies

Do come in

And they are the Devil’s children

So hello,

Hello again I says to them

The cat’s bananas

Lord I pray he does not eat them.