Why Revolt

Because my favourite pasttime is reading what I wrote

It’s like..

a starshine

to listen what I spoke

They say

 it’s not mine, 

this rhythm that I wrought 

from this killing that I broke.


Love, that’s fine

You keepin what you hold

Even if it

s worth is rope

Hang yourself instead of drowning?

And you’re thinking that is dope

But even willingness is hope.

Never knowing what I’m saying

But talking’s dope and so I spoke

Gobbing on my own knob

It’s a wonder I don’t choke.

The Dawn of Death

– with bated breath

Comes to call anew

To mark the day

– without delay

Of my dreams becoming true

Ode to Freedom

I am the master and the servant


I mean the salve.

Eh hem

I am the master and the slave

The serum that you crave and

The voice that makes you behave.

I am the lightening in the thunder

The sound that it makes


In the air and on the ocean

In the sky nor on the sea

It’s me



Photo credit to #ToyPhotographer