The Catstipation

There is a rat

That is dead

And it stinks to high heaven

But the flies

Do come in

And they are the Devil’s children

So hello,

Hello again I says to them

The cat’s bananas

Lord I pray he does not eat them.


This one is called: Fight Back

“Geez Louise! Why you gotta be so whack?”

She scoffed at that.

“Lay off me bro, I’m just not down with that.”

Why Revolt

Because my favourite pasttime is reading what I wrote

It’s like..

a starshine

to listen what I spoke

They say

 it’s not mine, 

this rhythm that I wrought 

from this killing that I broke.


Love, that’s fine

You keepin what you hold

Even if it

s worth is rope

Hang yourself instead of drowning?

And you’re thinking that is dope

But even willingness is hope.

Never knowing what I’m saying

But talking’s dope and so I spoke

Gobbing on my own knob

It’s a wonder I don’t choke.

The Dawn of Death

– with bated breath

Comes to call anew

To mark the day

– without delay

Of my dreams becoming true

Ode to Freedom

I am the master and the servant


I mean the slave.

Eh hem

I am the master and the slave

The serum that you crave and

The voice that makes you behave.

I am the lightening in the thunder

The sound that it makes


In the air and on the ocean

In the sky nor on the sea

It’s me



Photo credit to #ToyPhotographer