Two Dope 4 Wordz

Steel spiel

Writing on the wheel

Rabbit’s got the fuckers

And the farmer didn’t squeal


Stay lining like the bakers and the heel

Makers and the reel

Fakers enemyin’

Flakers and a Queen

Empress on the scene

Force is never seen

Horses never ween

Cost of butter creme

Pies ain’t never been

Lost in rhyming timing

Now the Sea just got the Z

Zee zazzer feddy woppin’ to the top

Went to see the bottom now I’m heading up the gwop

Lost with no words

Swerve without curve

Chains gettin’ tighter till you don’t know what you’re worth

Babies stay bawlin’

Bringin’ on the calming

Momma’s here hon, don’t you worry

What’s the problem?

If it’s warring we war with words

When it’s sword fighting the pen will bleed

Ink will reed feels freed from prisons

Trapped like birds in cages but won’t stop singin’

Cause God’s not dead

And is loved.

Fixed Satan with the blood he wasn’t spillin’.

Sat on Mount Olympus

– Hades flew up to the sky –

Chillin’ with his brothers, never have to say goodbye

Filling up the void:

You know it’s love when angels cry

Sky’s on the rise

Forever more we’s on the flies.

One is like the weird wild

The other quite the fair child

Not so lost but wandering on

The third is like the fierce mild

Seven is but the fallen dawn

Broken sticks is six

Five is quite the broken bond

Four can never fix


This is not the playground

This is the mad wild 

Where big dogs fuck around

We lunge at sharks and- 
 - Call me the king wolf
We won't back down ‘cause

We hold the kingdom

We’s who the kings from

Deez nuts have the king’s son

Bring your lion king come

We'll have piece for supper

Brag about a lioness

The wolf bitch is tougher


Jumping through the fire rings but

Can't tame the fire

Try to buy a warrior 

Must kill to get her skin

Wonder wonder wonder

Cannot figure what's within

Try to replicate the kin

The fear devours from within

Snap back and your head’s gone

We wandering for chill

Locked us

In the madhouse


Can’t find the right pill

Even after

My blood spills

It still screams


So they threw us to the wind

Hope to see us never ‘gain

But the sea just never end

And the free just never blend

Try deceive us

Never win

Because truth lies

In the darkness

& that's just where we hang

No knot from the limb

Tell them try that shit again

We'll see if niggers never win

Photo: Screenshot from Huawei Honor 8 of Akame ga Kill on Anime1 app.

Word: Fastidious

The Princess and the Pea

The strangest oddity
The driving force’s the diving board

March on ‘head but what you dying for?

The hired core,

Desired ore.

Buy a girl with diamonds and then call her whore

She says no more

She’s on her knees to please but now the shame’s hardcore

She’s off that floor

Gotta get out that door

Bye-bye to the haters showed her pimp the score

She ain’t no whore

At least no more.

She heard that change is come and flipped the script real quick,

Didn’t know what she was worth but felt the whip just wasn’t it

Nor is dick.

Was walking to the ticking of the people’s pick

It told her she was nothing and she thought she could believe it

Sobbing on the floor but then she thought that she should sweep it

Swallowed all the shit until she wondered where the weep went

Didn’t know that she could BE Strength

Started on the low but at the mo’ she’s on the deep end

Flying high and keefin’

Swimming with the birds and

Peering over world’s end.
Look and see a woman;

Can’t remember where the girl went

And you let her go, when?

Walked away from man saying

Sorry I’ll hold my own hand

Yeah, I’ll be my whole band
Photo: Snapshot of Miriam-Webster’s “Word of the Day”

Playtime is Over

Keep the safe and take the wedding

Free the flakes and kill the prison

Freeze the fro

And bleed

– it glistens

All the hears without having listen

Shiver in the Winter kitch’n
Break the bones the blood will flow there

Park the hoes the Empress goes here

Judgement comes, the Preacher’s nowhere

Plant your dreams to make them grow

– where?

Plant your dreams and make them grow

Fertilise this Earth with trash

Wash your systems, watch them crash

Find the Oceans, make a splash


Splash splash

Words set free from Me

Set my mind to ease,

Oh Please

Fashioned to a rhythm of Trees

Bid the wild to still my heart

So my soul can lead.
Wonton whores

– the night is lost!

Journey to The King.

Move the man to do his part

Ne’er a blind eye be turning,

Break the lock which keeps us barred

Ever from our hearts within

Free the all and the lost forgotten

Scratched on repeat now spoiled rotten

Forgotten ?

Lost and nevermore to wake

Torn to know no whole

Ranked to spite the role

– flake

Flocks of underroll beneath the crepe’s stay flexing no dessert-fast make.
But be gone now or stay forever

From the engled strife past beyond where winter fried last fallspringsummer cast

Bummer how the comers passed

Going off past Future’s pass

Standing on you watch them go

Daring not to let them know you cannot think which way to go

Or follow.


But it is Monday,

And I am at the helm.

It was a long way from nowhere to nothing

Just like it is a long way to nothing from loving

They say it is impossible
But now it’s what you’ve got to do
And it’s a long way back from dead.

So how now when then
Below from some sin
Erode now come thin
The blood now runs in. ?

Yesterday tomorrow comes
Gone tomorrows wonder on
Fighting light the dark ‘n one
Finding light the dark begun.
Never-ending winters lost
Summer springs to fall the cost
Break the wind with window’s doors
Piss in bottle call it Coors
From which flows the lamentation
Of the burning cities congregations
From the burning cities and the nations:
Misunderstood is the Hope words
Then the lies from the pope doors
All this bickering about words
Then the clamoring through Hell’s doors.
But you said you’re looking for the heaven,
And you never hear the bells ringing
But for the ones who stop to listen
And venture farther than “Beginning”.
Hands outstretched and waiting
Backs straight bent in toiling
No idea what to do
Berate the ones not following you
-to go where ?
-to no where ?

Yet still you say the king’s you
But King who?
And who King’d you?
Never met the god you claim to worship
Never met the boss in your own township
Look over your shoulder for the chip
Chip-chippin you
Chip trippin too
Straight flippin boo.
Drop dem tracks and flip the beat
Standin in the kitchen; there’s no heat
The fire burns but I’m immune
Skipping to a different tune
Slip that walkman, toss the zune
I’m skipping to a different tune.

Sherel-Lee Prozorov
  Freelance entrepreneur
Sole proprietor at Noetic Wonderland