Ridin’ on the Sun and eatin’

Plum just having fun and flappin’ gum

We’ raising up the yutes homey

We’ ballin up the game

We’ flaming up the fuckers who said fortune favours fame

And fortune favours frame

Like fortune favours game

But gravel ‘s what became

You’re thinking that’s just lame but now everywhere you see it

You scoff and watch it pass but all the neighbours wanna be it

Thinking you should try but life is short and so “We ‘s out” became the remix

Now the neighbour’s yelling cree it

Pree it:

They came at me for war son, demanding I should change

Like all the world’s at leisure while they eatin’ out yo brains

Cleaning out yo’ lanes

Raping all yo’ dames

Fucking all our horses man, and cuttin’ all the canes



Word: Fastidious

The Princess and the Pea

The strangest oddity
The driving force’s the diving board

March on ‘head but what you dying for?

The hired core,

Desired ore.

Buy a girl with diamonds and then call her whore

She says no more

She’s on her knees to please but now the shame’s hardcore

She’s off that floor

Gotta get out that door

Bye-bye to the haters showed her pimp the score

She ain’t no whore

At least no more.

She heard that change is come and flipped the script real quick,

Didn’t know what she was worth but felt the whip just wasn’t it

Nor is dick.

Was walking to the ticking of the people’s pick

It told her she was nothing and she thought she could believe it

Sobbing on the floor but then she thought that she should sweep it

Swallowed all the shit until she wondered where the weep went

Didn’t know that she could BE Strength

Started on the low but at the mo’ she’s on the deep end

Flying high and keefin’

Swimming with the birds and

Peering over world’s end.
Look and see a woman;

Can’t remember where the girl went

And you let her go, when?

Walked away from man saying

Sorry I’ll hold my own hand

Yeah, I’ll be my whole band
Photo: Snapshot of Miriam-Webster’s “Word of the Day”

Shit stains, everywhere. If you can imagine. I have never been a failure before, but now there is just shit everywhere. I have always been the sort of person that didn’t care. I was always alone all the while and didn’t care. Except that I really did. I wanted friends more than anything. But all the while I would just drift. And as a gift, everything now is all covered in shit. On the floors, on the walls, even the ceiling is covered in it. I don’t even know who I am no mo’. “Shit!”

It was a long way from nowhere to nothing

Just like it is a long way to nothing from loving

They say it is impossible
But now it’s what you’ve got to do
And it’s a long way back from dead.

So how now when then
Below from some sin
Erode now come thin
The blood now runs in. ?

Yesterday tomorrow comes
Gone tomorrows wonder on
Fighting light the dark ‘n one
Finding light the dark begun.
Never-ending winters lost
Summer springs to fall the cost
Break the wind with window’s doors
Piss in bottle call it Coors
From which flows the lamentation
Of the burning cities congregations
From the burning cities and the nations:
Misunderstood is the Hope words
Then the lies from the pope doors
All this bickering about words
Then the clamoring through Hell’s doors.
But you said you’re looking for the heaven,
And you never hear the bells ringing
But for the ones who stop to listen
And venture farther than “Beginning”.
Hands outstretched and waiting
Backs straight bent in toiling
No idea what to do
Berate the ones not following you
-to go where ?
-to no where ?

Yet still you say the king’s you
But King who?
And who King’d you?
Never met the god you claim to worship
Never met the boss in your own township
Look over your shoulder for the chip
Chip-chippin you
Chip trippin too
Straight flippin boo.
Drop dem tracks and flip the beat
Standin in the kitchen; there’s no heat
The fire burns but I’m immune
Skipping to a different tune
Slip that walkman, toss the zune
I’m skipping to a different tune.

Sherel-Lee Prozorov
  Freelance entrepreneur
Sole proprietor at Noetic Wonderland

Word: Inscrutable -adj-

Like you don’t understand

– You

The birth of man

– Wait

On the land,

– What?

In the air or from the shore first?

– Pardon me but what you talkin’ ’bout?

Like I’m lying but

You have no way of telling

Uncertain, but instead of sweatin’,

You’re deciding just to let it go

: Inscrutable.


Word: Grim

Grim. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. Grim. I grit my teeth and try to mask the disgust I feel starting to show on my face. My once soft, feminine features have been hardened by the grim realities of this time. I do what I can but there is just so much I can do and no more. How can one little half-woman save the world?

As I hear the high pitched scream of a pre-pubescent child, not more than 10 years old, I am forced out of my mind and back to the present. “It is none of my business,” I tell myself. “This has nothing to do with me. Walk away Aeither, this is not your fight.” But whose fight was it, that of a 10 year old child?

I grit my teeth and rush toward the sound of the screams. “No! PLEASE!” It was the voice of a little girl. “Aow.” She started crying. You could hear the tears in her pleas for whomever to stop. I rounded the corner to find complete darkness, and the silhouette of the monster of a man leaning over a little thing in the corner.

“Hey!” I shouted, “What the fuck is going on here?” There was no response. I strained my eyes to see something, to determine if this was some sort of lure or trap. The criminals of this age are crafty and conniving little shits, setting traps for idiots like me. With caution, I continued to move closer. “Did you hear me you fucking piece of shit?!” What was I saying? I didn’t even have a weapon. The child screamed anew, “Help! Please…!” She was pleading between her tears.

With that I ran forward again, it seemed like miles. The monster barely even stopped to look up at me. I finally got to within feet of them after what seemed like too long, and grabbed the man by his collar, intending to pull him back. He barely budged. Finally he stopped to look up at me. His face had several small scratches, where the child had tried to defend herself.

“Nutten yah suh nuh concern yuh, gwaan bout yuh bizniz.” Like fucking hell it doesn’t. I was only about a foot and a half from him, who was still bent over the child. I looked down at her and thought she looked far younger than 10. Her hair was done in cornrows and reached the top of her shoulders, her clothes were torn almost to shreds, face stained with tears, pulling her knees up to try and protect herself.

“Like fucking hell it doesn’t!” Looking around, I realised that this was a construction site, for a new house it seemed. Concrete blocks, bars of wood and various other construction things were laying around. I grabbed a nearby block of wood and swung it at him, breaking it over his back. This only seemed to make him angry, but at least it got his attention away from the child and onto me. Which wasn’t exactly a good thing, because when he stood up to his full height, it was like Gandhi facing Shaq. The fuck did I get myself into?! Fucking screaming children! For a moment, I contemplated whether I even liked children, and whether I shouldn’t have just gone on my merry way home to rewatch the Big Bang Theory again. Too late for that now.

Shaqzilla pulled a knife and came at me. “Why do I keep getting myself into this shit,” I said to myself as I slowly began to back up and out of the dark. I miscalculated my direction and ended up with a wall to my back.

“Yuh naav noweh fi go now,” Shaqzilla said, grinning. He disgusted me. I looked up at him bent over to be closer to my height, and saw him preparing to swing the knife at me. His face was far too close and I couldn’t smell any alcohol on his breath. The piece of shit was just doing it because he liked it!

At the last moment, I ducked and ran between his wide open legs, and swung the other piece of the wooden block against the back of his left knee. As he buckled, I whacked him on the head as hard as I possibly could. He shook his head and was turning around when I whacked him again, this time in the face, right on the nose. The block broke again in half, too short to be of anymore use.

His scream was the most horrifying sound I’d ever heard come from a human being, which perhaps he really wasn’t. As blood gushed from his clearly broken nose, I thought for a moment about getting the child and running. But then I wondered what he’d be doing tomorrow night, or the night after that. Looking around again, I saw a pile of blocks nearby. Fuck what the humanists say, screw the law! Some things don’t deserve to live, not even in prison. Even Siberia was too good for this scum.

In the direction of the child I said, “Look away and put your finger in your ears,” not checking that she complied. I took up the closest concrete block, and slammed it on his head as hard as I could. It was strange how long he took to look about his nose instead of attempting to get rid of me. I remembered the rules the protagonist used to stay alive during the zombie apocolypse in the movie Zombie Land: double tap.  I hit him once more on the head, and then another time just for insurance.

As I looked down at him, I realised that just as with every other thing, monsters don’t look so scary when they’re dead, they just look dead. It was my first time killing a man, but I felt nothing. Grim fucking world we’re living in.

Now the only question was, what the fuck am I gonna do with this kid?