What is it that they say about

This and that,

Things and hats?

What is it that they say about rings and bats

Skin and caps?

For when all is won and all is lost

I got distracted. I forgot what I was saying and couldn’t seem to remember. It was the same. Same thing same time all the time. All the times that I remember. That I CAN remember. Never mind where I was going with that.

Think fast when you wander

Before you forget

Never know when something will happen

Or something else.

Think slowly,

Only when you’re getting dressed

Never know who you might meet

In the street or

On the road; on the go

When the sky isn’t the limit:



Photo Credit: Toy Photographer



The title is at the end

Cloaked and enveloped in dust

It is my soul I try to brush

Cleanse my heart of the futures gone

Get into the timing of moving on

For when the time shall cometh new

It is I

Who will be there

For you.


so thrust

From the bosom of thine heart

In one great swoop we were torn apart

In every way conceivable

– hard –

Disaster Falls


Photo credit to #ToyPhotographer

“It’s there, isn’t it, all the while?”

“What is?”

“It, whatever it is. Just sort of there… like…:

“Haha a presence?”

“Well, it’s present er… but no, not quite as imposing. Just sort of… there.”

“You know you’re confusing me, right?”

“Am I? Well how am I being confusing?”

“I think just by speaking.”

“Are you trying to tell me to shut up or something?”

“Well… no… I love listening to you, and hearing you, but you speak and I’m confused.”

“Hmm… well what if I were to sing a song, or read random bits of things?”

“Hmm… Let’s give it a go then. Here, try this.” He hands me a copy of The Divine Comedy. Well then.

The title is at the end.

You wanna call the Police on me because I smoke Marijuana?
Not because I am a molester of children
A sexually perverse deviant harasser of women
A killer of men
– By the way I am none of these things
You’re really standing there telling me that
You’re gonna call the Police on me for being myself.
Because I protect myself from all your viruses
Because I lack respect for the Government
Because I say your fucked up laws
– that do nothing for me
Don’t mean shit, even as I do not break them
You’re gonna call the cops?

Well go on ‘head and call them Brother Man
‘Cause amma keep blazing up.
Your threats can’t stop my rhythm – they won’t
Your system won’t make me victim – can’t do it
For even as the cage is locked and I find myself within
You will forever hear me sing.